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Lenbachhaus (Munich)


The gallery

The gallery contains a variety of works by Munich painters and contemporary artists, in styles such as The Blue Rider and New Objectivity.

Munich painters

The gallery displays masterpieces by Munich artists such as Jan Polack, Christoph Schwarz, Georges Desmarees ("Countess Holstein" 1754), Wilhelm von Kobell, Georg von Dillis, Carl Rottmann ("Cosmic stormlandscape" 1849), Carl Spitzweg ("Childhood Friends", ca. 1860), Eduard Schleich, Carl Theodor von Piloty, Franz von Stuck ("Salome" 1906), Franz von Lenbach ("Self Portrait with His Wife and Daughters" 1903), Friedrich August von Kaulbach, Wilhelm Leibl ("Veterinarian Reindl in the Arbor" ca. 1890), Wilhelm Trübner and Hans Thoma.

Works by members of the Munich Secession are also on display. The group was founded in 1892, and includes artists such as the impressionist painters Lovis Corinth ("Self-portrait with skeleton" 1896), Max Slevogt ("Danae" 1895) and Fritz von Uhde.

The Blue Rider[edit]

Franz Marc, The tiger 1912Wassily Kandinsky, Gorge Improvisation 1914

The Lenbachhaus is most famous for the large collection of paintings by Der Blaue Reiter (The Blue Rider), a group of expressionist artists established in Munich in 1911 which included, among others, the painters Wassily Kandinsky ("Impression III (Concert)" 1911), Gabriele Münter ("Still Life with St. George" 1911), Franz Marc ("Blue Horse I" 1911), August Macke ("Promenade" 1913), Marianne von Werefkin ("Self Portrait I" ca. 1910), Alexej Jawlensky ("Portrait of the Dancer Alexander Sacharoff" 1909), Alfred Kubin ("The Male Sphinx" ca. 1903) and Paul Klee ("Föhn Wind in Franz Marc's Garden" 1915). Münter donated 1,000 “Blue Rider” works to the museum on her 80th birthday.

New Objectivity[edit]

Artists of the New Objectivity like Christian Schad ("Operation" 1929) and Rudolf Schlichter ("Bertold Brecht" ca. 1926) are exhibited in several rooms.

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